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Whitelist lacking details

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Hey! I recently applied to be whitelisted and checked in today to notice its been denied. Of course I was a little confused and discouraged at first after painstakingly going over every detail to try to best squeeze every bit of necessary detail into my application only to have it be in vain; but after re-reading what I had been missing I have a few concerns. Now, I remember there had to be at least 130 pending whitelist request, an obvious insane amount to have to go through and I completely respect the work that goes through reading each one with the care I assume there is; however, my denied application stated I had neglected to detail hostage care. I do specifically remember typing in that a hostage must be kept alive, and went into detail to list feeding the hostage and keeping zombies off them. Likewise it was mentioned I lacked the cool down timer detail; however I do remember putting in somewhere that one had to wait around an hour and a half, and specified that wait carries over even after a reset. Now I'm only posting this here not to complain or come off as whiny, but I understand whitelisting is meticulous and mistakes can be made, and I'd like nothing more then to play on the server as soon as possible, instead of an addition 24 hours. Anyway thanks again for reading this,


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  • Legend

Unfortunately you'll have to re-apply and be thrown back into the queue and have to wait it out. If you don't feel like waiting to long you might wanna donate and it will move you farther up in the queue. As for the denied reason feel free to post your application here for feed back or take a look at this thread http://www.dayzrp.com/t-general-tips-to-make-a-better-whitelist-application

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As Archer said, you will have to wait out the cooldown and re-apply. If you feel like you know what you missed out on during your first application, than you should have no worries with your next application that you send. If you are worried about the time it takes to get whitelist, make sure that your application is top quality or you could support the servers and donate.

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  • Sapphire

Your application has to meet the requirements that are requested. If they meet them, then you application is good enough. The more you have to say in your own words shows them that you know what you've read and you understand the rules, the questions. Be sure to add lots of detail about everything that is asked. Don't hold back what you got to say in that brain of yours, share your thoughts about what you know. The more you surpass the requirements and have given every detail to your knowledge, the closer you application will move up the queue. Remember you have to have a quality application if you really want to be 1/???. Be yourself.

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I see where the admin reviewing your case made the mistake. The wording is about strange to my eyes but it was correct.

However your NLR is missing details regarding the cooldown timer and the distance you must maintain from your body.

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