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They call me Biscuit

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My life has been turned into a horror show, quite literally. I have lost everything and anyone I ever cared about and I cannot even blame the events that have led to this world being inhabited by flesh eating zombies.

My name is Tony but my friends call me Biscuit...well they use to, there's probably no one left who knew me by that name. I was happily married (no kids but we were starting to think about it), had a great job as an electrical engineer, which is what brought me to Russia in the first place. I'm originally from London but after I trained as an electrician, I signed up to work in the Navy. During my time with the navy, I got to see a lot of the world, although it was hard being away from my wife for long periods of time, she would occasionally plan to travel to our destination to spend some time with me. This is how we ended up in Chenarus; I was aboard a sub bound for Chenarus, my wife arrived there so we could spend time together as I was going to be stationed there for a few days.

This was the beginning of what turned into the worst day of my life. On my second day in Chenarus, I woke to find my wife was not in bed with me. I called reception to see if they had seen her leave but they hadn't. I then noticed that the door to the bathroom was ajar with the lights off but I could her a tap running and at that moment noticed the smell of copper in the air. I had only smelt that strong fragrance once before, the day I discovered my room mate at university covered in a pool of his own blood, where he had slit his wrists because he couldn't take all the pressure that had been placed on him by his family any more.

I was frozen...I knew exactly what the smell was...I knew what I might find behind that door...

My wife had been murdered. What I saw behind that door I cannot explain...I don't want to explain...I want to forget.

I was arrested as the prime suspect. They say there is no evidence anyone else was in the room, no CCTV footage of anyone going in and out.

Did I kill my wife?....I just don't know any more....I would never hurt her but....

I was being transferred to a maximum security prison outside of Chenarus when everything went down. The bus I was on was overwhelmed by the dead. Somehow I was spared. I was buried underneath all the bodies of the other prisoners and the prison guards. I had to climb through the mass of bodies and guts to get out. Through this I managed to get the keys off one of the guards bodies for my shackles. I made it out just in time as they all started to turn.

I ran, I ran the fastest I've ever ran in my life.

Now I'm alone. Alone with my thoughts. Alone with the knowledge that I may have killed my wife and that I will never see her again.

Something is making me go on but I don't know what. Maybe I will find answers to my wife's death out there, maybe I won't. Maybe those answers lay within me.

Either way, my first priority is to find food and water, then....

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10/10 man. Bravo. You clearly have a knack for story telling.

At first I was like "electrical engineer, so there's a convenient explanation for being able to repair cars *rolled eyes*. Then joined the navy? I assume that involved some weapons and medical training huh? Here we go again, another Mr Perfect all-rounder".

Then I got to the wife bit, and I raised an eye brow. Using the smell of copper to set the scene; unique and fantastic. I'm there, I'm gripped. Then the self doubt and mix of vengeance and guilt, great basis for a compelling character arc. Innocent or guilty? Noble and reliable companion with a troubled past, or dangerous delusional schizophrenic psychopath? Would be great to read how this character progresses if we don't end up meeting in game. Good luck.

Also, I have a Crested Gecko called Biscuit, so 11/10.

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