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random death or desync kos?


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hi guys,

it happend 2 times today, i was just standing still in a room where no one could have shot me from outside, alone. poef, random "you are dead" screen.

what is happening? am i desyncing and somebody comes in and just shoots me in the face or is it a glitch. the second time it happen in greenmoutain jail house. in de bedroom. anyone know what is going on? i'm getting tired of looting up from the beginning every 3 hours.

and my body is not viseble for other people?


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  • Emerald

Going up any stairs to a second floor is a known bug that can kill you without warning. Especially in admin buildings like Green Mountain.

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  • MVP

This is likely caused by desync. The jail building has always been notorious for breaking legs, I've watched it happen to someone so many times. You just need to be careful with that building. Try vaulting after entering a building like two-stories and the administration building to potentially prevent this bug.

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Okay vaulting is what i'll try next time. Thanks guys

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  • Titanium

Glad your question has been answered.


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