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After my death / multiple characters


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  • Sapphire

Hello there, this will be a long explanation so bear with me...

When I first created my character and submited my whitelist application (a long time ago... like 3-5 weeks? :P) my character basically started in the far North of the map. Because of this, when I was allowed to play it became clear that, at least the first time, it would be ankward explaining in a correctly RPed way why I was at the coast (as it should for everyone to explain why they start at the coast for that matter unless their character bio specifically called for it).

At that time, the idea came to my mind to play a throwaway character until I arrived at location, but this was discarded in case I stumbled upon someone and I had to correctly roleplay with them. Being at the coast didn't fit on my story but luckily I didn't stumble upon anyone on my way to my "start" point, so I just started from there.

But nowadays, and especially when I suffer death (I have yet to suffer a correctly RPed death, as I have only died once by 2nd floor glitch and once by KoS for now) I can only offer a generic "I passed out and then I awake here" to anyone I cross paths with. My character is effectively hollow until I reach the parts where I left him, or at least the turf where he's usually comfortable staying on. So in RPed terms I'm basically using the excuse "I got abducted". Yes: Aliens.

So, I was wondering if my original idea would work: Can I play a throwaway character for the trip to my turf or any area that makes sense my character would be rather than the coast, being careful not to use it as any type of excuse to violate the NLR and the like?

Would that be considered as roleplaying multiple characters? If so, should I change my name for the trip and make it official? Or is roleplaying multiple characters prohibited? All I could find on the multiple character question was old threads from the mod, and then it was allowed(ish)...

Your feedback is appreciated :)

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  • MVP

You can play as many or as few characters as you wish :)

As long as you stick to the rules and such let your imagination run wild and play as many characters as you enjoy :D


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