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Communication is vital in this community, and a firm grasp of English is required in order to RP on DayZRP as the official language here is English.

If you're unable to fluently speak and comprehend English, then you're not allowed to RP here, as it would cause a lot of complications with roleplay.

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Pretty much what Lucia said sorry.

Whilst it sucks that some great players cannot join due to this it is a good thing in general and is the rule we follow.

You have to apply in English and have a good grasp of English to play here. My apologies.


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English Server

Germany Server

why then not Germany Admin? :D

*cough cough* German admin *cough*

Anyway, English is the official / main language used in this community.

It is required to understand English and be able to communicate with it as it is the language of the community

And talking about the server which is in Germany; It is hosted in there ;)

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I'm German myself and if you want to I can read through it and correct some grammar, or even translate some parts. :)

Some staff please clear me up if I may actually do that.

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It all depends, you can help people with their grammar and spelling, but when it comes to roleplay, you need more than just basic english if you want to develop a character with depths.

Simple roleplay like, "hi" , "how are you" isn't a great experience for anyone.

BTW: The server is Located in Germany, but its labled as an EU server, that doesnt mean, everyone playing on this server is German, or speaks german.

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