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Making a playful comment? (3 points)

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Dear Lucia Moore

You have received a warning from the staff of DayZRP.com.



Hello Lucia you have been given 3 points for flame baiting, You said "Ooh, someone's bitter!" As an older member of the community you should know by now not to act like this, the comment you put itself was downright rude even if the person you was saying it was involved in a recent event that got him in trouble still does not give you the rights to speak like that to another member of the community.

Please in the future keep comments like this to yourself or it will lead to nothing but more points.

If you felt you did not deserve the warning points then please make a appeal.


Regards Matt


Why the verdict is not fair:

Why it's not fair? I was taking a playful jab at someone that injected a completely sarcastic remark into a forum that added nothing to the discussion. Where was no malice or anger in my comment, and I didn't rag or harp on anything. The person I was joking with didn't even get banned or suffer any punishment as far as I'm aware, he was just part of a group that got disbanded. My comment wasn't meant to be malicious and hurtful, and if it came across that way, I apologize.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Are things seriously so tense around here now that we're receiving warning points even for ribs made in jest? I understand that RP is taken seriously, but now we're not even allowed to joke around with the community for fear of receiving warning points?

As far as fairness goes, people say things a lot more inflammatory than that and don't receive warning points for it, so I want to know why I, specifically, got these while they would not. Obviously, I can only determine what is acceptable by feeling out the community and seeing what the staff accepts.

Seeing staff accept comments far more vicious or potentially insulting than mine only to have mine punished is confusing, because it makes me feel as if I, personally, am being held to a different standard than others?

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Get the warning points removed.

What could you have done better?:

I'm starting to wonder. I suppose I need to be more serious on the forums? I guess I can't joke with people...I don't know. I honestly don't know why such an innocent comment deserved warning points.

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After reviewing the comment that was made we feel points were not necessary for the comment that you made. We believe that your comment was intended as playful and not flaming. Please understand though that a "playful comment" may seem innocent to most, but does have the potential to be taken out of context. Also, there is nothing personally against you at all nor are you held to a different standard. The staff team tries to be as fair as possible. It would be nice but unfortunately we cannot catch every single flame comment.

With that being said, this is why we have a ban appeal process so we can have more focused attention on a specific incident and get a second opinion.

Appeal Granted - Points removed

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