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Guide to aiming via reddit.

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Guest Doug Quade

Good guide here. I am always looking for ways to improve my aim. Another possible part though is bad aim could be part of RP. I.E. a person who is a civilian with little to no experience on firearms. They are not necessarily going to be a marksman. Might be a interesting concept.

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That guide helped me a lot.

Does anybody record their gameplay to review their gunfights for points of improvement? What software do you use if so? I've been meaning to get something like that set up, sometimes it's so hard to tell if you hit someone or not.

If you are RP'ing an inexperienced civilian, you could review it the other way around, see if you are being *too* accurate! :) There's many situations where recording your gameplay could be useful, such as just trying to see if you liked how you roleplayed a particular interaction, maybe you said one word too often or your accent is off for certain sounds. It's like reviewing your work as an actor to see how to improve.

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Practice with different ranges (Top right corner, Page up and Page Down to change) and see where your bullets land. After a while you'll kind of figure out what range to use, then its just a case of not shaking or being winded.

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