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Loadout you spawn with

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Hey everyone,

This can be a pretty touchy subject, but I would like to see the loadout you spawn with (Flashlight, 1 Can of Beans and 1 Bandage) slightly altered to include a map. (Or even a compass.)

The reasoning behind this is;

1.) If players are new to DayZ, or are unfamiliar with the locations/landmarks (as I am.) then it can be quite difficult to find out which direction to go. (When I first started on DayZRP, I walked through the woods for miles, I ended up all the way up north and got lost. Finally asked a clan mate for help.)

2.) Given the fact that we're only starting out with a Flashlight, 1 Can of Beans and 1 Bandage; adding a map into that formula will make it a lot easier for new players to set themselves up. Such as being able to get to Cherno and find loot.

3.) Why would you bring a Flashlight with you, and not a map? (Just for the RP experience. Not having a map kills that in certain aspects.) Why would you, logically thinking, go to an unknown area without a map or a compass?

It's just a thought. :>

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Don't get used to the map, memorize the locations.

Most of us learned it the hard way, and you'll see it more beneficial when you get used to the places. I would love it to be even more challenging so I say remove the flashlight and the beans as well! :)

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  • MVP

Yeah I'm inclined to agree with Zero. I think the starting loadout is fine the way it is, I can't much reason to either add or remove anything.

-edit: removed advice that could be seen as OOC-

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  • MVP

i would say that would be ooc sky but i do agree not adding a map

Hm, didn't think about that. First thing that popped to mind as its what I did on regular servers until I learning the map a bit better, but I think you're right. I'll omit that part, just to be safe.

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  • Emerald

I would have to say, the official reason behind the survivors being on Cherno is they washed up on the coast. That is why only a flash light (odd it survived the water) And beans. I like, some others, RP a soldier who was sent here, so my first task ALWAYS when i die is to acquire some of American made weaponry

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In my opinion, you should only spawn with one bandage. (to represent as if you ripped your cloth to use for bandage. No backpacks, no flashlights, no food etc.

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  • MVP

Not that I feel its a necessary change, but if it was one that got a lot of support I'd be completely behind Jukki's suggestion as well. As said above, flashlights and food aren't too hard to find, especially when most spawns are located fairly close to Balota/Elektro/Cherno.

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  • MVP

Flashlight and bandage is a good loadout. Only thing that I would think of worth adding is a map (Becaouse of custom bases that allow trading etc.). But it's not a must, it's good as it is.

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Guest Reniz

Nah. You have everything you need to start. Half of the fun in the beginning for a newcomer was to explore and find out everything.

A map is counter productive to that.

What sumo siad is true

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  • Legend

maps are very very easy to find

Compasses everywhere too.

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