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Razor's journal

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January 21st 2015,

I, Don't understand why jimmy is making me write one of these but i guess it will help us controll ourselves and make sure that were OK aruora writes one of these and shes always so cheerful i can see why this idiot likes her and treats her with respect. today i met a man named Chris and well hes a great guy he had a truck and well allot of food i respect him because after a while of hunting and looking around for goods he told me which way to go to the resort and he even gave me the keys to the truck...which eventually was shot at and i lost it so i huffed it all the way over to the town which has our mother's grave we both payed our respects and was met by another man holding a strange rifle his name was vladimer and i know many of them now huh must be a common name. *they give a chuckle and continue to write in the journal*

honestly though i made it safe and almost unharmed but nothing a little stitching cant fix ill write in you later if anything else interesting happens but before i go let me tell you a little secret jimmy is week he hasn't taken his pills in days he cares more about that girl than himself...hell i guess its just why he couldn't pull off a single job and i had to do all of the killing but something doesn't feel right , that man he shot when we were talking to aroura when he killed him he smiled and laughed i think my brother is starting to understand where we are now and what we must do to survive he tried to kill us we kill them we must survive not just for her but to carry on our quest for revenge ill see you soon my friend.

*he gets up and turns off the lantern next to him leaving to head around and look for something anything to satisfy his needs.*

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"ugh the fuck my head *he gets up and runs to what he thinks is the side of a cliff but instead is a tall skyscraper* Holy shit! *struggling to catch himself he tosses himself backwards trying not to fall* "god damnit why in the fuck am i here and not at the resort, my home, my office fuck me man this is not good razor what do we do." " Thats easy jimmy we find who harmed us you should remember we were shot in the leg it took all of my strength to get us up here your very lucky to have a brother as caring as me by the way happy birthday."

Feburary 12th,2015 my birthday

Its my damn birthday and im stuck up here with the idiot doctor and his bad leg huh i guess ill just have to find him a fucking cane and get him used to being shot again,*he stops writing and says to jimmy "Brother take your damn pill, no i am fine these are for aroura brother you know that. Fine then die if you want she rejected you dumb ass you dont deserve to die over her *he chuckles and smirks revealing one of his k-9's in his cruel face* maybe i should be holding you over her head like a doll and maybe one day she'll take you." *a long silence is had and then razor goes back into writing*

Continuing on he's just going to kill himself over a gal who wants nothing to do with him... its sad really he loves her and she tossed him aside like a ragdoll maybe she doesnt understand his state of emotions at this point he got shot coming back to defend the resort for her and the family but i guess him defending them is a key for him needing to defend himself. well happy birthday to us and for the love of all that is sacred please let my brother snap out of this illusion that this is still just an outbreak.

*he closes the book and limps into the building with his brother to look for a good sturdy cane luckily finding a black cane with gold on the tip and around the handle*

"hard to belive anyone would leave this brother, i assume this is my present from you....Brother."

*jimmy then falls to the ground and begins to sob softly only remembering that his brother is with his mother at the resort grave yard under 6ft of dirt*

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You make me sound mean... We did not get to finish the talk as someone started shooting... :(

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