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Can i get my gear back after i died by a glitch?

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hi guys,

so i think the titel is clear but let me explain myself.

i died by the famous stair glitch in an firestation in elektro. i was walking to fast down, fel a bit and died because of my low blood and bone breaking. i did't go back to get my gear back because i wasn't sure if it was allowed. however, i really wanted it back, i finnaly got a pristine police cap.

so for the future, when i die because of a glitch, am i allowed to get my gear back?


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Guest Vittoria

You used to be able to as long as you contacted a staff member first, but its changed now, and you are no longer ever allowed to return to your body.

So nope.

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Due to the many bugs in Standalone at the moment we do not allow people to go back to their body after dying by a glitch. I'm sure this will change when Standalone gets more stable!


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okay got it. thanks guys

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Also it really isn't viable. The body disappears after ten minutes so even if you were able to get a decent respawn, it wouldn't be there anyway.

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