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Day One

I had a horrible dream. The resort. I remember I was thirsty. Watching over the resort was a hydration-depriving job. I remember the crunch of the dirt beneath my feet as I trudged up the road. What was I wearing? It seemed so hazy, realistic... did it happen? I had quenched my thirst at the fountain, and I heard people. I went over. There she was, with the others. Aurora. I was protecting her. That was why I was there.

The specters watch...

What happened next was... unbelievable. It all happened so quick. I saw my vision flash, my arms were moving upwards. The rifle was firing. It was happening too quickly. I angled the gun upwards, but I heard the bullets hit the metal plating in someone's vest. Once. Twice. Bonnie, that woman... she was there. I could not stop the bullets from hitting her. From hitting Aurora. My soul sunk and before I knew it, I had six people firing at me. Most of the shots missed, but many sunk into my chest... didn't they?

We do not intervene...

Through the darkness, my head buzzed. Our head buzzed. The specters... why did that dream happen?

I awoke on the shore, feeling dazed and confused. I still had much of my gear, but I seemed to have lost my weapon, and my Ghille cover. I had the Ghille Hood and the Ghille Wrap, but not much else. My throat was parched. Perhaps I had been dreaming after all. It felt so real, like a hallucination.

The specters were there, too. The two of us seemed to be in the same predicament, but he had all of his stuff. He was the one from the dream. Was he the one who had did those horrible things to Aurora and Bonnie? No... We were protecting her.

'The specters watch, we do not intervene.' He said, his voice muffled by his mask. His eyes were wide, as if he had seen what I had seen. I could only nod and repeat the words. We were slipping into madness, but it seemed so sane a thing to do, after what we had seen. We would watch, now. We would not intervene anymore. We could not let it happen again.

Day Two

The sun was setting and the cold was setting upon us. The clouds were drifting over the starry sky. I looked up as the first drops fell onto my gas mask. I felt the sorrow of that day come upon me yet again. I wanted to go back, to ask Aurora if she was alright, if it had really happened. Almost like a ghost who could read my mind, the specter spoke; 'The specters watch'. It was maddening, how he would say nothing else, but it calmed me a bit. If he was the one who had died that day, and not me, then he may have been trying to tell me something.

Aurora would live, whether or not we protected her.

Like a pit of tar, my heart grew heavy and began to sink even further. I felt useless. Guilty. I couldn't help her even if I wanted to now. We were all the way in Berezhino. 'North' the specter said, pointing in his strange way into the woods. I obeyed. For hours, I ran through the brush and trees. I saw no one. I felt nothing. The cold was biting at my finger tips. The rain was peltering my jacket. It felt an eternity had passed before we finally reached the town that the specter had sent me towards. He appeared beside me, much like his namesake, nearly startling me, but I knew he was there.

Near the police station, we found a man named Sam. He spoke to rabbits. The specters liked this one. We thought he was funny. Humorous. Sane. We spoke to him about snares and ropes, and headed westward. After a moment, I blacked out. I felt my legs pounding along, but I could not remember anything. I had lost Sam, and was now beside a familiar castle. Devil's Castle.

'The specters watch.' The specter said from the gatehouse, where a fire was already set up, unlit. Had I made the firepit?

I lit the flame and settled in for the night, waiting until morning when the rain finally stopped. Then, the trek began anew. The specter pointed south west, and before I knew it, I was on the airstrip. We met many people there, most of them were friendly. The specters watched, and soon we left again. The memories began to blur as we headed north again. We would watch Aurora, but we would not go near her again. We had too much guilt. Too much fear.

And so, the specters watch...

Day Three

We found the resort again. That place where the specter had died. We went to the place where his bones lay, shredded free of their flesh. The specter watched on, standing next to me. He did not say anything, but he did mutter an apology to someone named Bonnie and Aurora. We heard the names, and they were familiar.

It was night. We liked the darkness. We went to the rock outcropping where we sat and watched the people, seeing Natalie and another man. When the man left, we approached, watching Natalie closer, wondering who she was. The specter spoke, saying he knew the woman. She was with Aurora before. We listened, and said hello to Natalie. Natalie did not seem to be so afraid of us. She did not see the specter, but we knew she did not fear him. He was not mean, after all.

A while passed and Natalie got tired. We were tired too. We met the ones in the green berets when they came, and we hid at first. We fooled them well, with our hiding. But they were not mean, so we came out when we got hungry, to speak to Natalie again. She made us the salsa. It was delicious, and we liked it.

Night ended with the light, and we retreated to the brush to sleep. It was a long, long morning.

Day Four

The morning came and we saw Aurora. The specter wanted to speak to her, but we told him that that was not possible. They could not see the specter. Instead, we watched and when they left the resort, we did too. We needed to find the burlap and the netting, after all. We searched the sheds and got the water from the fountain, but we found only a few of the burlap, and none of the netting. We were sad.

We heard about the coffee when Aurora came to the pump with the one called Bonnie. The specter knew her, he said. We felt a strange remorse for hiding, but they did not see us.

We left again to look some more and the sun rose over the horizon. It was then that the two of them came out of a house and saw us. They yelled at us, asking what we were doing. We got scared, and ran away, to the fountain. We did not want to make them mad. They found us at the fountain, and were very mad. They called us creepy and said we were spying. We were not. We were getting the burlap and the netting for the ghille. The specter told us to get it. Aurora would know us when we wore it.

When we found enough, we went back, but Aurora was there, telling others about us. She called us the specter, and said we were creepy. The specter wanted us to speak up, but we were not sure if we should, so we did not.

After a few hours, we talked to them and they eventually wanted us to come to the resort and not watch any more from afar. We did not want to make them mad, so we went. We sat on the porch, and were lonely, cold and wet. It had been raining. The one called Bonnie came out onto the porch and sat with us at the fire, asking us who we were. We said we were the specter, because that is what Aurora called us. The specter wanted us to give our real name, but we could not remember it. The name specter felt right.

We spoke of nicknames and we told Bonnie that we once had a nickname our self. She asked us what it was, and we told her that the specter was once called 'Jorvich', before he was shot after shooting Bonnie and Aurora. She did not seem to like this, and she stood to leave. She seemed scared of us, and called us creepy to the others. We heard this, and felt sad.

Slowly, we felt our minds slipping again. The specter was wanting to take over again...

To be continued...

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Now I feel sad...

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