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Hello All. New to the Site and accepted to the Server

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Hello everyone. Do not let my name frighten you I am no Deastroyer of Worlds, Though i am a pretty good destroyer of burgers and fries though.

I look forward to RPing with you all, admittedly this will be my first RP on a game like DayZ (I tried on H1Z1 but not a lot of people on that yet, nor are there any good people.) But outside of DayZ I have a good amount of experience despite my 20 years of age (Lots of World of Warcraft RP and lots of Warhammer 40k, Pathfinder, and Other DnD games.)

I look forward to RPing with you all, found this place off a twitch stream and it looked like loads of run.

Best Regards

Alexei ‘Drago’ Mikhailov

(aka WorldDeastroyer)

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Welcome to the boards and good luck with your white-listing! If you need any help, be sure to wait for Rifleman to respond or the Good Samaritan, they have a couple of good links for you, that I cannot myself remember off hand.

Also to note, burgers are delicious.

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Guest Doug Quade

COngrats on getting accepted and have a great time in there. Hopefully i see you soon as well. Or at least spend a few days looking for people. haha

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