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Fixing the Whitelist Timer

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A simple proposition of scaling the time before resubmitting, by the amount of errors you made when submitting. The reason for this being how disproportionate punishment feels in the current system.

Let me cut straight to the point with the following two proposals:

Option 1: Each mistake is worth 6 hours of time before reapplication capping at 24 hours.

6, 12, 18, 24.

Option 2: The first mistake is worth 6 and each mistake after that doubles the wait time maxing at 24 hours.

6, 12, 24.

Additionally, two mistakes in the same section could be grounds for the 24 hour timer. While one error in each is only worth 12.

Now, I know this won't be implemented in time for me to apply again today. It might not be implemented at all. I just feel that severe punishment for minor errors is rather ridiculous and wanted to inspire discussion on this point. So thoughts?

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I think it is fine as it is today.

And don't get me wrong, I had to redo my application as well.

And I didn't save a draft off my first application either...

So yeah, I reapplied, I think after 30+ hours.

I did put allot more effort in the second application. Just make sure I would be accepted.

I went over all rules once more, put allot more effort in the explenation of them and into my biography.

I stayed on the first spot for the whole duration of my applying.

1/125 for a long time.

So no, I don't think you should lower the whitelist timers.

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Well, in my specific case I took my time (4+ hours and over 6k words), but having rewrote my whole NLR rundown forgot to add the one thing I had the first time I applied. The specific distance from area of death or 1 km. The wait frustrates me because that was a two minute fix.

Add to the fact that if I mess up this time it is three strikes and I'm out. I kind of want to be done with it.

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Well, thats the point a bit you see.

You are already on your third try.

I don't want to mock you or be inpolite or anything, but you are speaking of a "two minute fix". But appearantly your two minute fix wasn't sufficient enough last time.

So yeah, I stay with my original opinion, there is no need to chance it.

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Don't fix what ain't broken :)

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Ah, sorry if I was unclear. The two minute fix is for the third try. I spent 1-2ish hours working on my second application alone and all I was redoing was the KoS and NLR descriptions. My mistake came when I thought that the word 'near' was sufficient for 1 km and the fact that I had mentioned it the first time I applied and therefore wasn't highlighted in the first review.

So, just to reiterate the 2 minute fix is for this time aka my last time.

The only thing I did wrong the second time was and I quote, "NLR is missing distance detail." I am of the opinion that at this juncture making anyone else who makes an equally minor mistake wait a whole day is equivalent of giving them a 24-hour ban from the server and is not constructive at all. Basically, something meant for my own good has become a negative thing and that shouldn't happen.

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Don't fix what ain't broken :)


The thing is, again, if you could have fixed something with just 2 minutes more of effort, you would have prevented another try.

I think it is a perfect system which has proven its worth already.

Just make sure everything is in the application before submitting.

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