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A man with two minds.... Vladamire Caust's Story

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Vladamire Caust

Vladamire Caust, a man that has had many mental problems growing up, being bullied in school and at home made him break. After the bullying and abuse, he experience torture, he did things that he didn't believe he was capable of doing:

6th grade, he had three main bullies that constantly picked on him, called him names, physically abused him, he just let it happen, he thought that they would eventually stop. Things just got worse, no one ever did anything when those guys started hitting him, they'd just not look, like nothing was happening. They can hear him whimpering, crying, and they can feel his sad stare beaming on them. He didn't have friends, because no one wanted to be bullied along side him, so, he would spend his break alone. He used his imagination to make him escape this horrible world that tortures him . He made an imaginary friend exist, gave him a name, a personality, his friend was his everything. He called him Sebastian.

Having an imaginary friend changed everything. He was able to smile. He had someone to spend time with when no one else would.

One day after school, one of the bullies, Roy, followed Vlad. He wanted to know who he's been hanging with. Because he heard Vlad talking to someone on the way to school, Vlad was coming from an alley way, but when he came out it was just him. Roy went to the alley way to see if there was someone walking the other way, but there was no one there.

Vlad steered of course home, he instead headed towards the woods. Roy pursued quietly after him, he really wanted to know who he was meeting up with. Vlad was sitting on a stump an said,”I was waiting for you to get here.” Roy, hiding behind a tree, looked around to see who he was talking to, nothing or anyone is around. Vlad then starts talking and telling about his day at school. Roy saw that Vlad was talking to no one, he ran off, he was going to go tell his buddies.

The next day, Vlad wanted to make a bow and arrows, so he took his dads pocket knife, stuck it in his sock, so it can lay along his foot. He made sure he was really quiet when he went to his dad's room, because he didn't want to wake him. He'll be really pissed if he did. The Belt came to mind. If Vlad's dad ever found out that he took his knife, there'll be hell. He also grabbed some rope of the garage.

After school, Roy, Mike, and Billy waited outside the school for Vlad to make his way to the woods again.

Vlad started making his way to the woods, but on his mind, was the day at school. The guys that usually bully him, didn't bother with him at all, they didn't look at him, hit him or nothing. He found it odd, but he was happy, he thought maybe those guys finally got tired of bullying me. He smiled to himself. When he arrived at the woods, he sat on the stump to take his shoe off to get the knife out of his sock. He started talking to Sebastian. When he got the knife out, he observed to see if any of the tiny trees can make a good bow. As he was walking towards a tree, he heard laughing from behind him. When he turned around Roy, Mike, and Billy were standing there, they were all laughing, then said.”Who are you talking to?”

Vlad, didn't know what to say, he was scared and angry, these guys can hurt him all they want, no one is here to stop them. They can kill him and no one would know that has happened to him. Clenching the knife in his hand. He places his hands behind him to unfold the knife. The guys start approaching him, when Roy is about to grab him, Vlad stabs him in the neck and slits his throat. Roy holding on to his neck fell down, his blood poured like a school water fountain. Mike and Billy freak out. Mike closes his eye, tries to block the knife with his arms getting them both cut, when he opens his eyes, he can feel the knife in his chest. He then falls down. Billy had grabbed a stick and said,”You fucking crazy bastard! You killed them. I am not going to let you kill me! You fucking weirdo!” Vlad ran towards him and jumped, Billy swung the stick hitting Vlad on his side under his arm. Vlad then clenched the stick with his arm and stuck his knife in Billy's neck. Billy laying on the ground, looked at Vlad, then he died.

Vlad looking at what he did. He was shaking, heavily breathing, feeling sick, he puked. He was freaking out, he had to hide what he did. No one can know. But how?

Vlad ran home, made his way to his room right away. He locked the door and started to change quickly. His dad heard him in the house, yelled to him, Vlad didn't answer. Then his dad went towards Vlad's room, he turned the door knob and the door didn't open, he yelled,”Don't be locking doors in my house!” “Open this door or I will break it and then beat you with it.” Vlad ran to open the door. But his kicked it open and hit Vlad in the face. His dad said, “That's what you get you little prick. Don't lock doors in this house. Next time I see a door locked, I am going to get the belt.” Vlad got up and said, “Yes, sir. I am sorry.”

His dad walked away and said, “Come to the kitchen and make supper.”

Vlad said, “Yes, sir.”

When his dad was gone to the kitchen Vlad grabbed all his bloody covered clothes and put them in a garbage bag. He left them in his closet. He then went to make supper for his dad. After he was done all his chores, cooking supper, and doing the laundry. Vlad asked his dad if he can go out. His dad sitting in the living room watching T.V gave him the okay. Vlad went to his room and grabbed the bag of clothes, but he left the knife in his room and wrapped it in cloth. He made his way to the park next to the mall and dumped the bag in the garbage can, he then lit the garbage on fire. He ran away and made his back home. 6 hours have passed since he went out. When he got home, they were police standing out the door, talking with his dad. He was scared, did they find those guys under all that bush? He waited for them to leave. He went inside and his dad said, “Hey, Vlad. The police are looking for three boys that go to your school. He said their names are Mike, Billy, and Roy. Have you seen these boys?” Vlad shook his head. His dad then said, “Well, get your ass to bed then boy. I am going to go grab some beer. Be back in a bit.”

Vlad went to his room, grabbed the knife and waited until his dad pulled out of the drive-way, he went into his dad's room and placed the knife back where he got it from. He didn't clean it, he left it the way it was. His dad came back after a few hours and was loaded. He made his way to his room and fell onto his bed. Vlad took advantage of this and went into his room, his dad slept like log when he is drunk, so Vlad didn't have to worry about him waking up. He grabbed the knife and placed it in his dad's hand. Walked out and went to his room and fell asleep.

The next morning. Vlad went called the police and told them that his dad came home with a knife in his hand and it had blood on it. He pretended to be scared and started crying. The police came by, they knocked, Vlad went to answer it. They asked where his dad was, they went to his room and woke him up. One of the officers said” Mr. Caust, we need you to wake up. This is serious.” He then placed handcuffs on him and picked him up. Vlad's dad snapped out and said, “What the fuck are you doing in my house?” The police said, “We have some questions and you have answers.” They then took him out of the house and put him the car. They told Vlad to stay put they will have family services come by. They put the knife in a plastic bag. They then drove off..... Vlad went to the kitchen poured himself a bowl of cereal and smiled. He then said, “Thanks Sebastian. You got rid of everyone that has hurt me. Now, they won't be able to. I am free, no more pain, no more crying, no more bullies, no more worries.”

To be continued...

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Wow, that's some deep and dark stuff man, love it!

Thanks man. That's what I was trying to go for. I will be adding more and more, that leads up to his present life. I was kind of hoping this would get a bigger crowd, but one viewer is better than none. :)

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