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Jordan's Story

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[This is my Character]

Jordan Carter was a Marine sniper and is now an Ex-Marines sniper working for the united states government. He was sent on multiple missions and special ops raids around the world to uncover plans against america and gather Intel that would be vital to america. His next mission was to go to Chenarus and find out why the whole area is quarantined off and the military is shooting anybody trying to leave. He sneaks in on foot with his ghillie suit and long rifle [mosin] and watches two people from a ridge line as they ran around a city so called NOVO, he cannot fire because it would give his position away. He hears footsteps behind him and turns around to be met by the but of a gun. BLACKOUT.

3hours later

he wakes up on the coast line, completely stripped of his gear and left to fend for himself.

[this is a really quick summary of my character, i am just to tired to type the rest]

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