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Trading Post - Kamenka

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I have hypothesized that part of the lag issue we were having was due to the facts that:

1. Near (cherno) TP is a common spawn location, adding more clients to an already packed area in a relatively small area.

2. Cherno was within viewing distance, so any players looting this popular city would have to be updating a large number of packets to all those in the TP. Not to mention all the extra zombies spawned within that same render distance.

3. There were a lot of glitches with tanks and cargo containers floating in the air. Perhaps a quick re-design is in order that doesn't involve buildings/objects stacked on other buildings.

That being said, I would suggest moving the TP to Kamenka for the following reasons:

1. Its a mostly unused portion of the map. People dread spawning in Kamenka. This town has nothing to offer, and the closest town (Komarovo) has very little to offer. This would provide a good reason to utilize more parts of the map. Klen mountain was also good, but it was quite a distance for any recently-spawned people to trek. Furthermore, Klen mountain is a central location between NEAF, Berezino and Krastonastav (sp?), as well as having a vehicle spawn. Kamenka is both close to spawn locations, and relatively secluded.

2. Location and Accessibility: The Coastal road goes all the way to the edge of the map, but it doesn't actually lead anywhere past Kamenka. This road would provide easy access for vehicles and pedestrians alike. There are plenty of open spaces in the area where a trading post could be designed and placed.

3. Role-play sensibility: In a zombie apocalypse, would you try to hole between the two biggest cities around, or would you try to find a more remote location that would be easier to spot incoming movement from afar?

4. Map utilization: I already touched on this before, so not to repeat myself, I would simply add that the eastern/costal towns are generally more used and populated (by players) than the inland western towns. The idea of having the TP in the southwest would, ideally, increase traffic in the towns like Zelenogorsk, Rogovo, Pustoshka, Myshkino and the like. The eastern costal towns already have a lot to offer. Orlovets Factory, Solnichny Factory, Berezino, Elektro, Cherno...etc. Everyone knows the benefits of going there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. Any input would be more than welcome!

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I think performance is a key factor for everyone. That's the basis of my post, really. I miss having a TP

I think what they should have done with TP is to "improve" it a little bit. To create the impression that a couple of years have passed and the life just goes on. I don't understand why admins don't want to return the old trading post. It was optimal and satisfied everyone

Are you all wanting Klen mountain because its so close to lots of useful stuff?

I personally want Klen because

1. I got used to it

2. Performance wise

3. people wouldn't build trading post right next to the most infected cities

4. role-play aspect. people have to travel to find shelter

If admins really want to relocate it and it's a must to do, I don't care where, just give me decent frame rate

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I can't say I know what their thinking was.

Personally, I think Klen is too far away for fresh spawns to get to in a decent amount of time, and its too close to extremely useful locations.

That being said, I'm not opposed to Klen mountain, I just really like the idea of utilizing the southwest as well, you know?

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  • Emerald

I must say, I liked the Klen location, but on the other hand, it'd be way too close to the good locations (Airfields and the shizzle).

I like the thought of putting the TP at some western location, just to give that part a little love as well.

But if the TP really goes back to Klen, you need to remove the Barracks at NEAF. It'd be way to close.

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I would love to see a tall viewing point in the TP. I think if I ever constructed a compound, one of my first orders of business would be to have a lookout. Perhaps one of those metal towers that you see in NWAF?

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If you could use the 'Taller-Than-Hospital' high-rise towers, those seemed to be the most useful, although a long ladder climb up and down; not for those who fear the ladder-bug.

And Mikasa has a good point; that NEAF Barracks would have to be placed elsewhere.

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