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Tallulah Saqui

Tallulah Saqui (WIP)

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Age: 26 Height: 5'7 lbs Eyes: brown, Build: Athletic but not strong.

Birthday: 23/5

Gender: Female

Origin: Native American, Greek.

Bio: Pre Apocalypse- College, and working at her sisters café, living with her sister Aiyana. Other useless information. Went to a trip to visit family in Greece.

Post Apocalypse- Survived in their apartment with her sister for a month before someone found them. Being afraid of running out of food they go with them not realizing what they were getting into, who they were going with and what was going to happen, they were not ready for what this world was turning to. The men had taken manipulated them and made them lure people into the woods, to then be ambushed and robbed, or killed. Threats about Aiyana to Tali, and threats to Aiyana about the things they would do to Tali kept them in a cycle. Forced to hurt other people as consequence for trying to help. Carried on doing the guilty, regretful things that eats away at her every day. A war was forming between the bandits they had been cowering behind, and a group from some people that got away, Helping out the people who got away, it only made things worse for them. Mid-day, Shootout wakes them up, Hordes drawn in Being overrun they try to slip out but her sister gets bit anyway, everything felt like it was for nothing. Wasn't much hope after that. Not sure where she even was, being from the states, she traveled by foot till there was a car along the journey. It took her so far, following the coast, getting lost in Istanbul and stopped following the Aegean sea, transitioning to following along the black sea, around the green sea and passes through Georgia, she had no idea where she was going. Until trying to help out two strangers, giving the two a ride, who instead stole her car and her supplies leaving her on the side of the road somewhere in Sochi, russia. She traveled along the coast as she had been doing. Unable to read the street signs, and lost and scared, wandering into Charnarus and wandering hopelessly and with remorse.

Personality and Attributes: Open minded, Honest, lack of self confidence, allows imperfection, takes others point of view, lack of faith in self, faith in others, relents, gives up, excitable, nervous. Does what is necessary to survive.

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