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What's the Reason for my Story?

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Weeks Gone By

It had been weeks since he had last saw his friend. Dominik was stranded in the unfamiliar land of South Zagoria for the few months that dragged on since this outbreak had started believing his friend to have been dead this whole time. Contrary to that belief, he had run into Damien what seemed like a lifetime ago. He had met a man named Rick and traveled with him to regroup with his friends another man and a woman whose names he never did learn, but Damien had been traveling with them. Damien spotted him first, staring at him seemingly frightened. Unbeknownst to Dominik, Damien Cross had suffered severe amnesia and couldn't remember much of anything except Dom's face stood out, appearing in dreams he was said he having. Dom tried to reach out to his friend, but apparently it was too much for him to take in at once, making him lightheaded and confused. So to keep him for getting over stressed they agreed to part ways and meet again later. That never happened.

Now Dom sat sleeping against a tall tree that overlooked the valley below, nearby the voices of the "friends" he had made could be heard. All of them strangers to another but brought together in hopes of survival. Dom's body twitched and thrashed as his mind twisted his dreams into recalling the nightmare.

He found himself searching for some food in a hospital of a large city in the north, everything fine one moment, until suddenly he was ambushed by the former staff, now flesh craving monsters. Dispatching two with an axe, the third charged him and they both fell through the second story window. The creature, whose decaying head rolled down the road, had been decapitated by a sign, the body twitched and finally lay still. Dominik had landed on some refuse that slightly broke his fall. He crawled down the road bleeding along the way, a small glass shard sticking in his side. He heard more of the undead growling behind him. He knew it was over. Passing in and out of consciousness figures started toward him, but he was not being torn to shreds. All he heard were the ringing of a few gunshots and he was dragged into a nearby building. He could see two figures through his blurred vision and heard voices trying to speak to him, voices he'd soon become familiar with, voices that weren't so strange at all.

The voices that woke him up. "D-Dom I think we are l-leaving now mhm," Vlad said to him. The Chernarussian walked off to the other's whilst he gathered his things. Taking one last look at the view before he sighed,

"Where are you Cross..." And joined the others for the long road ahead.

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