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Teamspeak guide - Clean buddy list

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From watching pictures of peoples TS overlays and what not, their buddy lists looked really messy so why not help people out making things look good?

So when you right click a user you will have a long list of options. Click ¨Add as friend¨


This will appear and as you can see it looks terrible, lets make Mr Joe Blackwood look a little better shall we?

Right click the same user you friended then click ¨Edit in contacts¨ and this page will appear.


After this you click Display, then hit ¨Only custom name¨ then change the custom nickname as you wish.

And there we go! Here is the end result, no need for ugly long double names when you can change it to anything you want :)


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Guest Biggie

Sweet guide dude after adding people to my buddy list i was a little confused on how to get rid of the double name thing so this helped a lot.

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