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Guest De4dCert

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Guest De4dCert

Because of an awesome steal on suv resulted in zombies killing 2 kiddies.

Worst reason to ban someone who brings a lot of people here.

Apart from that it was fun.

Please remove my account.

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  • MVP

De4dCert why not post the video in its unedited form? It can help your case and could certainly shed some light on your end of the story.

Holding people up with zombies nearby is hard to do correctly and could certainly lead to some issues. Post the video so they can review the case fairly and discuss what happened. If there were accidents involved on either party that could influence anything then it would be helpful.

They are not ganging up on you but it has taken a while to see anything. If the video is gone then simply admit it rather than dragging this on.

Just my thoughts mate. Don't give up easily :)

Edit: This is me trying to help you mate. Don't rage quit without even trying.

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  • Server Manager

You were tempbanned to get your attention to post the video you've promised to upload. I do not see the reason to stall a report for that long.

If you choose to leave, that it up to you, just don't blame that on staff or reports. Your rank or that you "bring a lot of people here" has nothing to do with it.

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Hey man, if you have hard time editing the video. You can always play up the video and record the screen with your cellphone and post it. That should be more when enough to give us proof that you just failed in the robbery.

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  • Legend

Suffered the same kind of RDM at the hands of De4dCert and crew last weekend. It really is too bad that they can't keep the zombies off their victims, as some of their robberies were pretty good and actually involved creative thinking. I especially liked how De4d lured a guy out of the TP after his stolen Ural. And what happened afterward was even better.

On the other hand, he openly says in his videos that the no KoS rules on this server are really a shame and he wishes they didn't exist. So why play here at all then?

Whatever. Cya.

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