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Unsure on rejection reason.

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Hi Guys, So i just applied to get white listed and thought that I put everything I needed to put or could think of in my application. I just checked my application status and it says "KOS is missing revenge timer details".

I backed up my app before I submitted it and this is what I put for the KoS details.

"Killing on Sight covers a multitude of actions that are prohibited and the actions that must be followed before you are allowed to kill someone else.

Hostile action may only be taken against another player if they pose a direct threat to you.

For a hostile situation - a player MUST talk to another and be clear and concise as to their intentions, hostile actions cannot be taken unless the other player

clearly understands the demands of a captor and they do not comply with these.

This does not mean that you can say "get on the ground" to a player and if they do not you immediately harm them. The RP will define the actions of the parties involved and must be justified by it.

If in a hostage situation - the captors must provide hostages with adequate food and water to keep them alive and must ensure they come under no harm from zombies unless the RP provides sufficient reasons for them to execute or cause harm to their hostages. If captors release hostages then they must keep them in good enough health that they can survive for a reasonable amount of time after the encounter.

A player can take revenge on another that has showed hostile intent towards them two hours after the event, however, this cannot contravene the New Life Rule.

Meta-gaming to take revenge on a hostile is strictly against RP rules and conditions must be met before you are granted KoS rights on hostiles.

As there is no Good Samaritan rule to deal with hostiles to prevent an excess of KoS reports players must initiate the hostile player/group and be within 500m of them

at the time of hostilities. If engaging a vehicle you must use both voice and text chat to ensure the player hears you over the engines."

I highlighted what I thought was the KoS timer but I don't know if I'm missing something. I don't mind waiting 24 hours to re-apply but I just want to be sure I put the correct information in my application regarding the KoS timer before I do re-submit.


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Then I'm at a loss at to what I'm supposed to put. I can't just submit the same application can I? That would just be lazy. If it has got the information about the KoS timer in there but I get rejected for "KOS is missing revenge timer details" should I rewrite that section of the application to make that stand out more? Maybe the person that read it accidentally missed it when they went through it?

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You cant seek revenge after 2 hours has passed its that simple, you need to re word it to something like "you can seek revenge for up to 2 hours after a hostile engagement"

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Ok, I changed the wording around and resubmitted. I just checked and i got accepted!

Thanks for the advice, See you in game!

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