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Kable 'Thirteen' Jay backstory..

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I love constructive critisism, so have fun, hope you enjoy what you read, and feel free to leave comments & questions.

Kable Jay, a regular steelmill worker and woodsman, living in the country woods surviving on the land, with his wife and son. a few weeks before the proverbial shit hit the undead fan, Kable and his family was taken to an underground NSA research lab. He wasn't the first one to be taken, and was stamped with his test subject number.. Thirteen, tattooed across his neck, labeled his new identity. Treated like a lab rat, he finally broke out when the infection spread to the inside of the lab. A wave of zombies killing and turning everyone inside, he was making his way out, fighting his way out, when he'd run across his family, already gone. Fending off his own son, and wife, he found a sharp instrument, and plunged it into each of their eye sockets. Thus, Thirteen was born.. Immune to the infection, and a bit stronger than he used to be.. he vowed he would never get close to anyone again, so he wouldn't have to go through the pain all over again. This.... monster, Kable, made his way to the surface, and begun his new life.. surviving what was left of humanity, and the elements.

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Wait...Is that the backstory of your character for the DayZRP? I will comment as though it is, but I really hope it is not...there will be a lot of bashing.

First, you gotta understand that the setting is in South Zagoria, which shouldn't have a NSA underground lab. Also, did you read the lore first? Here it is if you haven't because you should probably try and follow its timeline and events, also it is a great read:


I don't know if having an IC tattoo would work, but you would have to consistently point it out when there is no ingame mechanism to allow you to have one, and since it seems paramount to your characters storyline, that may be a huge issue to try and deal with.

There is Lore, in the link provided that kinda derails your 'bit stronger' addition to the virus' influence, also you will have to RP your characters traits using the ingame mechanics which doesn't offer any of that...Here it is btw:

From a roleplaying perspective we have left the immunity to be a choice for the player. They have the option to be either immune or not, to tell their own story if they wish to kill a character via the infection.

So you are either immune, or a Zed. No in between states.

and it is highly suggested in many areas on the forums to not go super-soldier on your character...here is a great link for helping you out there:


And we want you to interact with the RP community, to make bonds and form friendships and enemies. You may just be pigeon holing yourself with the 'never get close to anyone again' story line. It is the apocalypse, everyone has lost a loved one.

Hope this helps you out.

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