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Kirk lays breathless against a tree, collecting his thoughts...

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Kirk sits against a tree somewhere in North Chernarus, ringing the water out of his last pair of good socks.

"Alone my ass." Something had to be up. A Spaniard volunteer to the United Nations, with no military experience? Walking toward a firefight in the middle of the damned night? And what was with the radio reports, who was he talking to? No, something wasn't right.

Still, it was good to talk to somebody for a few moments. Maybe he wasn't lying? Maybe he did have a group and maybe I don't have to keep sleeping in old barns . . .

No, running was the right thing to do. No man in his right mind, especially one claiming to be unarmed, would go towards the sound of a gunfight, not in this world.

"Well, they're not getting any dryer." He slips his socks back on and carefully re-laces his boots. Dawn is approaching, it will be safer in the woods...

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Thanks :D

It felt weird just bolting from the guy after spending a good 30 minutes in the area, but I felt he gave enough clues to make Kirk want to "nope" out of the situation once he was out of sight. Soooo I decided to give some follow up in case he wonders why I up and bolted :P

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