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Guest Keith Marston

Dimitri's Story.

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Guest Keith Marston

Name: Dmitri Dimochka

Age: 24

Occupation: Unknown

Relations: Vecchi Borde (Friend) : Pjoter Ivan (Friend)

The apocholypse started not long after my father died... He died of canser. He had survived with lung canser for one

and a half year. He was a good dad, he really was, but now its over. Two weeks had passed and it was time for the funeral.

It wasn't any spesial or anything like that, it was just a normal funeral. it wasn't so sad as I thougt it would be, I wasn't

crying, but my friends did. All of my friends came to me and said ''condolences'' when the funeral was over,

but I didn't get it, maybe I have no heart, i don't know.

Two weeks after the funeral me, Vecchi and Pjoter decided to go on a vacation, to Chernarus. Pjoter booked a few hotel

rooms at Chernarus International Hotel in Chernogorsk. So we packed our bags and went of in Vecchi's car. I remember

the tour like it was yesterday. Me and Pjoter just sat in the backseat drinking beer and listening to music while

Vecchi was driving.

After 12 hours we finaly arrived. I remember the loby of the hotel, it was soo many people, mostly

workers from the sinder block factory. The loby wasn't the best i'd seen, but the hotel room was sweet. We had the finest

view from the window. the bad thing was that it wasn't gonna last long.

The day was not so spesial, we just sat and watched TV. But all the sudded the channel switches to the news.

They said that a sientist had been working on a cure on a disease. They told the people of Russia to stay inside

and don't go out until the problem is fixed. We just thought it was a joke or something, but it wasn't.

We did like the man on the news said, we staid iside the hotel for two day, we got food and drink and

all that we needed. We had heard on the news that a plane filled with soldiers where on its way to Balota. It was

going to be at balota in 2 hours.

We waited 2 hours and the plane had still not landed. After a few minutes we hear a really loud engine sound. It was the

plane. We sat in our room and watched it was going land, but they failed. The pilot missed the airstrip, he had too turn

around. We are watching the plane trying too turn aroud, but all the sudden it heads towards the hotel and I scream

''GEt DOWN!'' Then, Boom.

The plane had crashed into the hotel, there was smoke everywhere. The wierd thing is that Pjoter, Vecchi and I survived it.

I saw dead people in the streets, they where walking. Now I understood what was going on. I told Vecchi and Pjoter that we

had to leave town, and so we did.

After 15 minutes we see an old truck driving on the road. There where only two seats in it, but we asked them if they could

give us a ride. The man stepped out of his vehicle and took out a dubble barreld shotgun and pushed the stock of it in

Pjoter's face. He was knocked out. He asked us ''Who's next?'' neither me or Vecchi wanted to be puched it the face.

He walked up to Vecchi and did the same too him. Then he took out an 1911 and shot me in the knee, handcuffed me and

put a bag on my head and knocked me out.

Now not to long ago I woke up on the shore, vecchi isn't here, Pjoter isn't here. But I have the feeling that they are

alive, and I will do anything I have to do find them and get them back.

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