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Hello everyone

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Hello DayzRP

I just wanted to introduce myself , my names is Jerome, but you can call me Jay Jay like all my friends do. I play Dayz since nearly 2 weeks now but i always enjoyed watching streams and videos about it, so im not that new to the game as you would think. Now after starting to play on the normal servers i got a little bit frustrated because whenever i tried to talk to someone i ended up with my face in the dust. But then i saw some well made videos from players playing on this RP server and i thought to myself that this is exactly the experience im missing in my game, so i created an account and started to gather knowleadge about RP, the rules and more in the forum. I dont know what kind of character background im gonna write, but i hope im gonna fullfill your expections (its quite a hard task for me because i have no experience in roleplaying)

I dont know when im going to be able to upload my whitelist application, because i have still one week left in the Military untill i get the chance to get to my computer, but this way i've got plenty of time to write on my characters backstory and read myself through the well written lore i found here.

I'm looking forward to meet you guys on the server, after i got whitelisted. :)

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