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Feedback - Removed custom objects


Has your performance improved since removal of custom objects?  

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We're gathering feedback from the players now that we've removed all custom objects like Trade Post, PCBs etc from the map. Please vote in the poll if your FPS/lag/overall server quality has been better or worse since the change was made.


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  • Server Manager

Trade Post, PCBs and other objects we've spawned on the map.

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I voted slightly better, but i also upgraded my computer.

Honestly, I think if you didn't stack objects on objects, and kept it away from already highly populated areas, it would be fine. You had people spawning near there, people who loot cherno and the TP all on top of each other.

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  • Emerald

If you would decide to remove it, is it possible to have the old one back? But at the current location ? I would really miss not having a safe haven where you can trade safely and such

Or in worst case scenario i guess you could just create a big circle of roadblocks or something to act as tp area ?

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I've had improvements across the board to lag.

That being said, I think having custom places/items put into the server is what makes this server fun. Personally I'm willing to deal with some additional lag in favor of having that more unique experience.

If I did have one suggestion, though, it would be to look at perhaps placing the Trade Post in a more central location - perhaps around Stary Sobor [southward]. Also, consider lessening the amount of items within, or the number of containers used to create the walls, etc, etc.

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Maybe instead of removing tp and pcb's and custom building, maybe remove half of the junk that is in chernarus, that would boost up the fps quite well, without no one noticing a thing. (like seriosly, why the heck do people throw their washing machines outside during zombie apocalyplse?!?!?)

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Game definitely seemed less choppy for me this Morning, And that was even at night leading to a Restart.

I hope a new TP can be added that would minimize the FPS Drop people were experiencing, The safe Haven on the Map was really a nice gathering ground.

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