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Introduction and a little back story on my lore

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David Merk was a staff sergeant in the Polish military that was sent to the Ukraine after Russia took over Crimea. After the out break began to spread, there were bigger problems then land disputes. As the infection grew and military's began to scatter, David and his remaining group of solders that now were cut off from their higher officials then began to push south trying to combat the infectious horde and survive. They went town to town and staying clear of any big cities looking for any hope and supplies on their way. David's men were then dropping off little by little due to not just the outbreak and elements but also to the human survivors that they were trying to protect. As he made his way to Chernarus he was the only one left in his squad. He learned that he can not trust anyone and that when civilization breaks humanity also does. He is a lone wolf that doesn't stay in the same one place very long just looking to supplies and the means to stay alive. One day he was ambushed in the small town of Msta as he was driving a truck. He was sure this was the end, when out of nowhere in a abandon building sniper shot rang. The shots killed one bandit at a time and David didn't know if he was next. He then was comforted by a "are you ok man" and then befriended his only friend since his squad, a man named Mark.(My friend thats also applying). Since that day they been watching each others back and fighting day by day.

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