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Dwayne DJrock Jackson

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Hello all! Hopefully I get accepted soon, but let me share my background story with you.

Day 44

Day's gone by, since the last time I held a book with medical know how.. Memories rush back to as if I was under a waterfall. The United States Navy Corpsman with my hard charging Marines. It brings it back to me like I was still serving with them in Iraq. Though now we face a different evil, that truly beckon's the question.. What are we now? What is Humanity? *suddenly stays quite* (thoughts: I hear voices approaching.. I must leave now.. They have been searching for me for days..)

Day 103

Life was surely easier back then. Studying to be a Bio medical Technician, living life as a college student.. *stomach grumbles* Almost the same then, just living off of nothing, except there was much more skit to look at. *laugh's to himself* All I wanted to do was travel the world, get settled in with a beautiful woman of mind and soul. *punches the ground* Now I'm stuck here. gahh.. I should of study Russian instead of Spanish.. Don't understand any of this..

Day 180

One good thing about being in the military with my Marines, is that I got use to living outside, though this cold weather.. I'm not a cold weather guy.. *drop pen and grab's his weapon as he fend's off two zombies.*

Day 190

Made a ghillie suit out of some netting and some straps. I should be out of site of other people... Stuck with this small pistol and six rounds.. six precious rounds..

Day 193

I was on outskirts of small town today... In the high grass with my ghillie suit, I heard talks about Green mountain.. I couldn't make out the rest.. but it seems like a friendly shelter.. or a death trap. Decisions.. I need to figure out what to do...

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Dwayne DJrock Jackson

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Just Saying.

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I'm a fan what can I say! Who wouldn't want to role play someone legendary! as him! Well maybe not by voice, I can never do that. Just awesome name!

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Guest Vittoria

I'm a fan what can I say! Who wouldn't want to role play someone legendary! as him! Well maybe not by voice, I can never do that. Just awesome name!

I guess it works, but it may bother some people.

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It's not like I have a wrestling background in my story, It's a just my name. Or have catch phrases.

Someone I look up to. If you actually think about wrestling (WWE) It's actually entertainment. Those guy's put in work to role play their Identities. I mean do we truly believe there is a real Undertaker who can raise the dead? It's simple, there is not one. Though the Undertaker (Mark William Calaway) is very loved character on that entertainment show (WWE). At least that's how I see it. Please try to go beyond a name, I mean even at work most people get nick names for their self actions. I have a strong personality little head strong, and always want to be the best at what I do with what I can do. Which Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a lot heavier in that prospective and personality wise when he role play's "The Rock"

Actually on a 2d game that I also play, Nexus kingdom of the wind's a lot of my role play char's are names of my favorite anime/manga hero's.






Awesome picture by the way. It's all in how I role play my character on the server.

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