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Artyom Sokolov Photography

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Hi there,

I hope these find their way to you - it's hard to get items out of the country; impossible in fact. I have my sources, but they're becoming more limited as time goes on.

I'm still reporting on what's happening here, interviewing survivors and documenting the events I find. Occasionally, I find myself taking photographs.

Please pass these on. I have more coming, and they show a much darker side of what's happening here. The more people who see them the better. They have to know.

Yours sincerely,


The Sky Darkens

I took this on my way to Green Mountain. I noticed a field where the clouds rolled in overheard, transforming the landscape. Chernarus can still be beautiful, but deadly.



Two men converse quietly at Green Mountain, away from the massive crowd. I do not know what they were talking about, but after I left, I heard reports of many people killed. When I saw this photo again, it got me wondering.


The Waking Morn

Green Mountain sits nestled in a great valley, the city of Zelenogorsk tucked away in the shadow. This photograph was taken early in the morning, after spending a harrowing night there, dodging what could have been a malevolent spirit.



This image was shot after a three hour stand-off with a man hiding in Green Mountain's tower. The men in the photo had two friends killed and were after revenge. After trying to coax him down, they retreated, hoping to make him believe they had left so they could ambush him as he came out. The man never did come down.


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Pretty filters, I like them!

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Guest Doug Quade

Great pictures man !! I planned on starting my own photo collection, as I am a photographer hobbyist in real life ! Good job !

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