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Guest Malcavitch

EU (S3) 87.7 Calling all Survivors

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Guest Malcavitch

Sunny sets up camp after a long, long trek across county. With a full bag of food he sets up camp ontop Green Mountain. Once the 2 camp fires are lit he opens his blue mountag bag and takes out some fresh venison and cooks it on top of the fire.

Sunny shifts through his bag and tunes in his radio.


If anyone can hear this i am ontop Green Mountain co-ordinates are x 036 y 093. I have fresh food and some supplys. I go out daily to hunt game to bring back to what i am now setting up as a central hub for survivors to gather. Ill do my best to bring back fresh food as often as possible but please bring suplies just incase. From what i have seen and heard i relay this WARNING message to all who are listening. Do not trust anyone. Run from the infected. Any injuries caused by these infected may cause an infection that causes uncontrollable shaking


Sunny places his radio next to him and checks on his cooked venison.

"Starting to get lonely out here Will. Hope things are brighter for you. Starting to wish i died back there all those years ago with you. "Sigh" well atleast the foods not got worse maybe more scarce but definatly not worse my old friend.

Once Sunny finishes his Venison he tips his red Bonnie hat to hide the light of the fires and catches some shut eye before tomorrows hunt.

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*Hearing the transmission from the survivor, Luka snatches up his scratched old shortwave while looking out at the view while on watch and pressed the transmit button, his voice tells that he is slightly haggard*

'Unidentified Survivor, this is Captain Luka Kratochvil, Chernarus Defence Forces. I highly advise against setting up a hub at Green Mountain as it is a well known hub that bandits and cannibals are around. I recommend moving further north east before building a hub of sorts, as Green Mountain and best part of the west is a high traffic area for survivors like yourself. I say again, I recommend yourself and survivors stay far away from that place.

Kratochvil Out.'

*After warning the survivor, Luka leans back against the wall and sits down on the porch, releasing his thumb from the transmit button, he breathes a loud sigh of relief as he settles down to rest*

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Damnit it's cold out here.

I'm starting to think I might never see another person who isn't a sicko. How did EVERYBODY get it?

I wish I could just get a fire going. Seems like the good brings the bad. Start a fire, lose your matches to whoever sees it.

If it stays clear I won't need the flashlight for the next couple of nights.

Maybe this will fit in the radio, or I can use some wire or...

**previous trasmissions**

The maps from the truck.

The biggest radio tower is...

There are only a couple of towns to the North East of there.

*Tests the battery to his tongue.*

"C'mon. Where? There's not much left in this".

Great. Now I'm talking to myself.

I'll get out of here Jenny. Someone will have something that still works. I've got Tom's stick. I won't miss another one.

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Gone again. Not a soul.

Green mountain, now the airport.

It took so long to get here. They probably moved on somewhere safer.

Maybe they're out gathering.

Maybe they're there on the days that I can't crawl out from under, whichever bush covers me when I sleep.

I guess I'd better get another battery.

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* After hearing the transmission Bar takes his upgraded walkie talkie and pressing the transmitting button*

" This is Bar Almog and all I have to say is that you chose the worst places to settle down. And by the way, in tge recent transmission from the outside of the borders a doctor said that the virus is getting through liquids, so the chance to get infected from the scratch is too low for killing someone. And just a reminder, uncontrolled twitching and shaking can be caused from 1000 more resons such as cold or from a somewhat physical disorder so don't call someone as infected based only for that please, you will just cause even more chaos and mayhem. "

*Bar released the transmitting button and a static sound can be heard*

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