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How I came to Chernarus!

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(This is the last entry Simon wrote in his diary before he left it at an old shed near Balota. His iPod played this song (

) when finally the batteries died and he finished writing his entry. A tear dropped from his face when he thought of his family and went out into the woods for another terrible night to survive.)

December, 24.

For all the people who will ever read this diary, this is my story.

My name is Simon Benders, I am 28 years old, I am a german doctor and my life just seems to end here. No more food, no more water and they are just everywhere. A few weeks ago me and my team (Ärzte ohne Grenzen/Doctors without borders) were sent to South Zagoria in order to support government troops against a never seen decease. When we arrived we were told to relate quarters and setup some emergency laboratory in a hotel in Chernogorsk, a city at the south coast. There have been a lot of people from other organizations like WHO and so on but none of them really knew what was going on. Everybody just tried to help. The first days we were lead to some mass graves and had the opportunity to collect blood samples but then the situation escalated and the infected just rushed to the city, overrunning everything in their way. I tried to save our biological research results when suddenly a terrible noise appeared and the whole building collapsed. When I woke up there was fire and death all around me, alarms were yelling, people shouting, guns being shot. I stood up, took the blue UN helmet of a dead peacekeeper and made my way to the woods, hiding in a shed for about three days. Without food. Without water. I was pretty sure I would die there.

One day I had a beautiful dream about me, my daughter and my wife celebrating her birthday together, when someone grabbed my shoulder. I thought this is the end, cried and yelled, beating all around me when the guy strongly grabbed my arm and shouted to my face “Hey, I am NOT infected!” This made me cry a lot more and I just gave him a hug, didn’t want to let him go for years. This was how I met Christian Nemec, a 37 year old local from Vybor which have been very familiar with the whole south zagorian environment. He took me to a lonesome shack at Kozlovka where he took care about my wounds and made me stand back on feet. We had a great time together and he taught me a lot. Some day we got a radio signal from a group of survivors in the north. I could barely believe it but it was one of my teammates speaking on the radio. We have known each other since we have started together as students. Unfortunately he couldn’t hear us. He just told this message to everyone out there.

“Calling any stations, calling any stations, we are a group of fourteen survivors and made our way up to the north. There is still hope. We are close to the russian border and will finally reach and cross it in a few hours. Stay alive and make your way up to the north!”

He repeated that a couple of times when Chris started smiling and for the first time I could see hope in his face. The following days we spend with making a plan. As it was already December, the weather changed to freezing and there was no way around looking for some warm clothing. We went back to Chernogorsk hopeful to find some warm clothing in the supermarket. While Chris went into the market I finally realized what made the hotel collapse. It was hit by an airplane. Suddenly there was a loud shot coming from the supermarket. I was shocked. Everything went like in slowmotion. I rushed into the market and there was a guy with a revolver, still aiming at Chris, who lay on the ground covered in blood. It took my breath away. I grabbed the next thing I could, rushed to the turning guy and hit his head. He fell to the ground but I didn’t stop hitting him. His face was only a red mash when I fell over totally exhausted, crawling to Chris and crying there for hours. When the sun went down I was back at the shack, but my life wasn’t the same anymore. For many days I didn’t leave the house and one day there was another radio signal from some guy. With a sad voice he said

“If anyone is still out there listening to me……. I just want you to know………that we all will die. There is no escape. Either you will die from infection or getting shot at the russian border………….I have seen a lot of people dying there. They killed children! They killed smiling children who thought they are in safety soon. They just killed them on sight, without saying anything or giving them a chance to identify. What is wrong with this world? Are we all infected maybe? Fuck these bastards, fuck them all. *starts crying*……….I hope to see you in Heaven, Martha….*loud shot followed by silence*

This was the moment when I decided to survive. I will not give up! Never! I will survive and maybe one day I will hug my daughter and my wife again. It will happen, I am pretty sure!

Simon Benders

I wish you a happy Christmas, sweety…

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