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Whitelist Application Rejected Question

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Hi guys,

Sorry to be that guy but I feel like my application was somewhat incorrectly understood.

I got my application rejected with the statement: "KOS is incorrect as you cannot seek revenge once 2 hours has passed". I can re-apply in 3 hours which is no problem but I do have concerns about the rejection.

It's difficult to remember the exact wording but nowhere in my application did I state that KOS was justified when seeking revenge after 2 hours have passed. I distinctly remember stating that the character forgets the events of his death (therefore no revenge can be taken) but does not forget his friends/group etc. Basically read the rules and wrote them out afterwards. I feel like my application was not read properly and I could not get into the helpdesk in TS so I thought I would post this here.

Still looking forward to playing with ya'll :)


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After talking with you in teamspeak, you seem to understand that you were getting the explanations of KoS and NLR mixed up.

Was I able to answer all your questions in teamspeak?

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Yeah cheers, Cid. It was helpful and tbh, it will just be easier to re-apply instead of contesting this. I'm certain that I never implied in anyway that revenge can be taken on a person or group (as NLR rules suggest that's not possible, ie. memory wipe). Cheers for your help anyway. :)

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Glad I could help! If you have anymore questions feel free to stop by the teamspeak again. Also, if something bad were to happen with your next whitelist attempt, make sure that you copy your application and put it somewhere on your computer. That way, people can help you a little bit more in-depth.


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