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Hello everyone

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Well, as you can likely guess, I'm new here, and as such, I just wanted to say hi to the community. So hi! My in game name (If my whitelist is to be accepted) is Markus Wolf, and I will be RPing as an American journalist stuck in Chernaus, so if you wanna play or have some interesting stories in mind, hit me up! Some facts about me in real life:

1) I come from sunny California, but no, I don't know any celebrities

2) I'm a junior in high school

3) I love playing racquetball and football and basically every sport but soccer and basketball (despite being a tall guy, I can't shoot to save my life)

4) I love everything film, producing and watching and acting. SO if you want me to act in any short DayZ films you are doing, I would happily oblige

So yeah that's me folks! I'll see you on the flip side!

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Hello and welcome to the community. Get yourself involved on the forum as it is all part of the fun. Lots to read and comment on.

A good place to start:


Rules (you may have already done this, however I advise you re-read them)

Guide section

Lore and Stories

Any questions find one of the orange peeps, join the helpdesk in TS or just ask the community.

Another wolf :D

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Yup! My last name in real life is actually Wolf as well, and out of all the cool last names out there, I think Wolf is one of the coolest, thus, the name.

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