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Jeremiah Young

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Jeremiah Young was born on January 1, 1985, in Alta, Utah, a small town that only consists of an estimated four hundred people. Growing up, Jeremiah was home-schooled, although through this method he could get more attention towards his education, he still had a hard pressed time with mathematics, some subjects of science such as chemistry.

During his free time, he often found himself taking his grandfathers bolt action rifle, and heading into the snow pelted mountain forests of his home, he often hunted moose, deer, beaver, and other small game, it was either hunt, or go hungry.

Jeremiah's parents were religious, following Mormonism, the Latter Day Saint movement. Through the small church that resided in Alta, he met a young woman by the name of Elizabeth Bell, often people said she was like a cactus flower, pretty to look at, but there was just no use getting close to her. Elizabeth, although attending services and practicing the religion, often did not actually follow the religion strictly like most.

Elizabeth was a troubled individual, her mother and father were distant, and her siblings had moved when she was young. People that knew her mother said it was her own doing that caused them to leave their home state. Her brother, Thomas Bell, had left long ago to join the United States Military, and her sister, Taylor Bell, had found someone in the Air Force, and married him, she resided in Alaska. Elizabeth, due to her mother, often thought that her parents simply didn't care for her, and her father, often belittled her, this led to her being distant to Jeremiah as well, although he loved her with all his heart, not even he could fix what had broken her.

After graduating in 1997, he married Elizabeth. Jeremiah decided to attend Salt Lake City Community College, and majored in English, hoping to later be a teacher. October 17, 2004, it was late at night, and the roads were wet, and for some reason, Elizabeth had been out late, Jeremiah had an argument with her on the phone, when she lost control of her vehicle, colliding with a tree, she died on impact, and he fell into deep depression, trying to turn to his religion for answers, although he began questioning his life. After finishing his battle with his inner demons, on December 11th, 2009, Jeremiah was sent on a religious mission to Chernarus, the relief effort would allow them to help rebuild some areas of the country, and try to spread their religion. He decided to stay to further help the relief effort, but would find himself trapped as a strange infection swept through the landscape.

Seeing the aftermath, it tortured Jeremiah, often seeing the state of the people succumb to the evils of murder, pillaging, and cannibalism, these horrors haunt him, and he suffers from flashes of PTSD after having to kill several of the infected individuals in self defense, as well as a person who attacked him with an axe.

He believes that the infection is God's way of punishing the world, and that it's the religious apocalypse, believing that the infected are demons. The aftermath has some what hardened Jeremiah, and he often quotes areas of the Word that deal with retribution, he sees thieves as nothing but unwanted filth, and often states "I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it's just a chore, like any other."


Skilled in hunting and tracking

Skilled in survival

Skilled in some firearms


Not skilled with Russian weapons such as automatic firearms

His religion often clouds his judgement

Suffers from PTSD

What does everyone think? I know there are some religious characters around here but I'm not sure if anyone had a missionary from another country. Any criticism is wanted. :)

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