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Hello, World!

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Hello, all! I am new to this community, and fairly excited to start role-playing with you all! I've dropped in the team-speak a few times to try and meet a few, and you all seem very friendly, I truly can not wait to meet some of you in game and begin making wonderful stories!

I'm still busy trying to decide exactly who I want my character to be, although, I am certain it hasn't been done before, the character I had in mind may just need to wait until Standalone has air vehicles in order to complete his story, I already have a rough line of where I want him to start, and how I want his story to end, all we would need is to fill in the parts from the beginning to the end, and hope that he escapes this hellish landscape he's been trapped in!

Truly can not wait, and I hope you all enjoy the time we have if we ever meet in the nightmare world of Chernarus!

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Welcome to the community, be sure to message Luna if you got any questions! She is a great helper! Or you can message one of the many Community Helpers (The Ones with the orange names!) Or even me! Hope you have fun. There are a lot of unique people you can meet here along with some fantastic people! Good luck man!

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