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Hey, hi, hail, how the hell are ya?

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You would not believe my delight upon discovering two things last night whilst delving in the veritable dungeons of the internet.

First, that there was a zombie survival horror mod that set players into an open-world setting - with what seems like an emphasis on survival, realism, and gritty brutality. I have often lamented that recent forays by the developers of the Fallout series had yet to delve into any sort of multi-player setting, as the interaction between players trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world has always seemed like a potentially fascinating setting for fun gameplay. You can imagine my glee upon discovering this mod, then!

I was even more elated when, upon doing a simple 'dayz roleplaying' search on Google that there was a group such as this in existence as well! Holy crap. As an avid lover of RP (20+ years of experience on multiple settings: tabletop, MUD/MUSH, MMO, etc), I simply cannot wait for the chance to be able to play with a group of friendly, like-minded, mature players such as yourselves while simultaneously exploring and learning the gameplay. Friendly, mature interaction within an online gaming format is extremely important to me, and I'm heartened by the level of friendly, helpful interaction that I've seen while BRIEFLY perusing this website.

Kudos and cheers to all of you who not only dreamed up something like this, but also had the vision and initiative to make it into a reality by which people such as myself have an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labors. I hope to see you in-game soon!

....just as soon as all the games finish downloading on Steam, that is. -_-

Very respectfully,

Logan AKA El Cid

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Thank you both for the warm welcome! I have every intention of getting everything up and running today at some point, and hopefully I'll run into one or both of you then!

Also, apologies if my language comes off as pretentious or overly florid. I promise I'm not some English professor with a proverbial stick up his ass. .... No offense, of course, intended toward such folks, especially should you happen to be one of said individuals!

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Ahoj! I hope you're not ignorant of the background of Chernarus (seeing that you say you're an avid RP'er), and if you are, play Harvest Red (even if it's a bit shitty)/Operation Cobalt (a player-made campaign that delves deep into the storyline and is much better than the former), read my History Book, and just know that Chernarussian names and the Chernarussian language is simply Czech (because Bohemia Interactive was too lazy to make their own language).

Also, if you want to rebuild civilization, come join us over at NCR!

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Thanks, Raptor! I shall most certainly utilize all of those resources while awaiting the application I just sent in to get approved. Your history book is impressive, well thought out, and extremely believable. As something of a history buff, I'm highly impressed! I shall also strongly consider joining your group as well. Thanks again!

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