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Quick question about the Green Mountain Incident


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Earlier today, at about 2:30 PST (If my memory serves,) the Red Berets took over Green Mountain and started executing people. My friend and I were near to the action, and we heard the AKM and Mosin fire from around Pogorevka.

After we'd approached, I headed to the front gate and saw a group of people restrained, and a few others talking to them. I ran around the other side of the camp to try to get the number of them, and headed back up to the entrance.

Since I wasn't sure who'd been restrained, and who the enemies were, I sat in the grass near the entrance to try to figure out who the hostiles were. After about 30 seconds of watching, without my weapon up, I was killed with a single shot to the head.

I'm just wondering if this is good RP, as I was not hostile at the moment, and had just wandered in about 5 minutes after the fighting, and had nothing to do with it.

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That's pretty shit IMO and I apologize on our behalf; but you saw people restained, heard shooting, and knew there was a fight, and stuck around for the show :l

Edit: also wasn't executing people, we robbed a man earlier, who claimed to have friends in GM(and we presumed that they were chedaki supporters or cannibals, considering the circumstances) so we went in to find them.

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Despite what the situation was at the time you shouldn't have been KoS'd. Whoever shot you mis-identified (so it seems) and thought that you must have been apart of the group that they had up in Green Mountain.

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I had a bushrag on, and I was going up to the main gate and saw someone looking directly at me. I hit the ground, and he didn't see me so I just stayed there. That's when I got shot.

But yes, I was the guy with the ghillie (no hood though.)

Thanks for letting me know though, appreciate the honesty, and I wasn't accusing anyone of messing up, I think me getting killed was a deserving outcome, I just hung around to figure out if my friends had been detained.

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That is KOS through mis-identification yes.

However in a tense situation such as that it is somewhat understandable though still against the rules. It's up to you if you think it was bad enough to warrant reporting or if you are ok with the persons explanation and forgive them.

Gunna solve this but if you have any questions feel free to ask!


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