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Benji, what happened?

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We were looting a town nearish Devil's castle and suddenly my character moaned and went unconcious.

I could hear Benji asking me if I was okay and what happened but he couldn't hear me. I didn't hear a gunshot.

I then regained conciousness and saw Benji laying next to me and a zombie running towards me. I tried to hit it but both my legs were broken. One hit and it knocked me unconcious and I was dead.


Seriously the weirdest thing that happened to me on DayZ. Does this follow the NLR? Can I go back to the castle?

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Guest Artz

I PM'ed you.

Unfortunately there was a sniper in Severograd Firestation, I spotted him as I turned to you wanting to give you medical attention, at first I thought it was the break-leg bug from the police-station, but unfortunately we both got whacked. Don't worry, the boys are going for him in this very second.

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Try to get a pulse if he's KOSing so you can report him. KOS like this shouldn't be happening

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