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Nykke -By SoHam

Guest SoHam

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Guest SoHam

Nykke has been banned permanently because of my report. I did want him punished but not at the cost of a player being permanently banned. :( Please could you just do me the favor of permanently unbanning him this one time?

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  • Server Manager

Deleted the poll, bans are not decided by the community.

He was on probation, he broke OOC rule before and was only given a warning, now he RDMs you along with OOCing. Case closed for me.

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+1 for this, i mean i know we get a few reports but we rob alot, stuff get tence and things happen.

he only had 2 days left for his amnesty aswell and then this wouldnt have had happened.

And as for the RP bit of the ban, nykke is actually the one who RP's alot, asking ppl for the shoes they wear, saying we are gonna steal gas and stuff.

The other warning he got was for a copy paste message when the whole server rules where being changed up, most old players know SDS and nykke in the old times never wrote anything and only did mic robbery's.

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Guest Marcus Williams

Replying with Nykke's response.

What did I do that was OOC? At the beginning of the video, I told him he had some nice shoes, and to get on his knees and drop his stuff. I don't understand how that's not IC. When I thought he was going to shoot at us, my character reacted IC by shooting at him, then again when he stood up since he disobeyed my knee command again

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