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Guest spooky

The Last Breath

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Guest spooky

// can't get sound file to work rip

Nobody really notices have peaceful silence is until it's the last thing you notice, silence. The days leading up to Micheal Volek's death where not one's that were ordinary. After brutal beatings and torture Micheal was set free, only left to rot and die but that did not happen. Death was a welcoming sight and thought to Micheal after those events. He tried everything he could to finally die....

When it came down to it, it was his life long friend, Sanovich, who ended Micheal's life. All was quiet after after the event. One bullet to the skull ended Micheal's suffering...

Sanovich dug Micheal's grave just outside of green mountain. The insanity ended where it started. This is the end of Micheal Volek's life.

// rip in pasta Micheal, my first character, Canadian and cool. Now for Sanovich Kozlov. Chernarussian and strong. Might write a diary for this new character. This post was just to kill off my character. Nothing too big or else I would have gone more in depth. I like creative criticism.

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