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When can i get into a whitelisted server?

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I currently can't get in, just like you because the whitelist is currently reviewing over 190 applications. Best thing to do is make an application ready for when you can apply, keep checking the whitelist and sent it in as soon as possible. I would imagine it may take a very very long time.

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Check for the whitelist questions:

Q: How long does it take to have my whitelist reviewed?

A: It is hard to say because it is determined by many factors as your forum rank, your forum activity, admin activity, length of the current queue and of course quality of your application. Depending on those waiting times can range between a few hours and multiple days.

Q: If I donate, will I have a better chance of getting accepted?

A: No, as a donor you are allowed to apply and get priority in the queue, but your application still has to meet all requirements and you have to answer all questions correctly just like non-donors. Donating does NOT guarantee being whitelisted nor does it whitelist you automatically.

Q: How will I know the result, where can I see my application status?

A: You can see your application status on the bottom of the whitelist page (where you applied). You WON'T be notified by a PM or email.

Q: Why do I keep getting moved back in the whitelist queue? For example I was 4/12, now I am 37/55?

A: It's because other people who have applied for whitelist have donated or written a longer/better application than you or are more active. The whitelist system is not first-come, first-served basis, we handle quality applications and donors first. Even though it will take longer, your application will eventually get reviewed.

Lately, indeed due streamers and such, there heas been a big influx of new applications. Staff are doing what they can at the moment. But tehre are days that there are just over 300 applications a day. So be patient is all I could say.

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Go to Whitelist page and read the information including the FAQ's (all explained for you). The whitelist is closed for the weekend for non-donators but will re-open on Monday.

EDIT: Vandy you are getting fast :)

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Applications should open again tomorrow (Monday)

Currently we are closing them on weekends due to the sheer amount of apps

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/Moving to questions

I believe that your question has been answered.


Applications should open again tomorrow (Monday)

Currently we are closing them on weekends due to the sheer amount of apps


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