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RP Stories?

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Hey all! I recently found out about roleplay due to a friend of mine who plays it, and although I would like to play ASAP to experience it for myself and actually have some fun on dayz as opposed to getting kos'd whenever I see someone, I cannot currently apply due to the huge amount of applications currently being reviewed. Seen as though I cannot play, I was hoping you guys could tell me of fun role play stories of which have happened to you on your dayz adventures.

Sorry if there is already a post for this or if I placed it in the wrong area, my first (of hopefully many) times on the forums.



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Well there are loads of threads aroudn with great stories:

These two give most IC stories/events:



In these threads you can find some good stories, screenshots and much more:



Ofcourse there are more threads around there!

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/Moving to questions.

Glad to see that you got your answers! :)


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