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am i the only survivor? !


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  • Emerald

Well, its half the fun to find the people IC'ly.

A tip, go to places inland, to places where you would think nobody is. And you'll probably get amazed.

Most big cities are mostly abandonned, or some lone scavengers.

So yeah, keep roaming around, meet people IC'ly and ask them for big hot spots and such.

Ask them where they came from, where they are going to...

Like I said, finding the people is half the fun. And I wouldnt want to ruing it for you.

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I got given some advice when I first started and that was find out things in game. RP shouldn't be forced as it can seem a little hollow. Some of the best experiences that I have had are totally random ones when I thought that I was totally alone. Keep moving around or head to places where supplies are located, sooner or later you will find people.

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yeah i went to the airfield robo, found 3 other guys, then a team of 6 came over... we all went our seperate ways apart from 3 of us, making our way to Green mountain in search of some trades. :)

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I journied from Elektro to Novo,looking for survivors, not found one human yet, all it seems to be are those "things" where are all the humans?! :) lol

Idk man like if you go to airfields or towns in the northwest part of Chernarus you will find people :)

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