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How do i RP a server restart

Guest thejars1314

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Guest thejars1314

I was playing on one of the servers for a while so I was pretty geared and I was with a group but then the server restarted and deleted my character could I still go find the group that I was with because I didn't really get killed.

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  • Sapphire

Hmm... What I would do in this situation would be something like this:

I was with a group -> restart happens (sleep maybe) -> spawn on the coast (character reset) -> go and find that group again -> explain that you got kidnapped and knocked out and woke up at the coast line. (for example)

NLR doesn't apply to this because there is no body of yours. So you can go and find your group again but you need to roleplay the situation out (like why you look different) [atleast I would do that]

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  • Sapphire

Of course you can go back and meet them. You could say that you went somewhere alone and you've been ambushed and robbed. That's just one example, of course.

There are a lot of possibilities to explain certain things. Just be creative. :)

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  • MVP

Your character got deleted because you tried to join the too quickly, unfortunately it will mean a new start but you do remember your previous encounters so you are fine to join up with them again. Just use some of the 'reasons' you left as mentioned above.

Check out this thread:

Character deleted after a restart

I hope that helps.

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  • Sapphire

Good that we could help you in this question and seems like you are satisfied :)


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