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Disgusted and appauled.

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Um... Is it me or are the robberies getting more and more stupid by the day with all these new people coming in? Are you really gonna tell me that you're gonna rob a guy, five people on one, for a balaclava? Cus that seems... retarded at the least. Is the next robbery gonna be over a pair of socks? cus that's what a balaclava is in general. A sock for the head.

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Unfortunately with the good you and also going to get the bad (not just new members). No they shouldn't really be robbing you for one piece of clothing and even if they do then you should receive quality RP out of the situation. If however you think a robbery is for a trivial reason make a report discussion about it.

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Get names, record if you can, report. I do not think we need more of those hate threads.

I had good and bad experience with new players AND with old ones.

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