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How to check current rank in account approval?

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  • MVP

Check the whitelist page, it will show your position in the queue. You need to keep checking here as it is the only place to tell you this information and whether you are accepted or not.

Please bare in mind the information below;

Q: Why do I keep getting moved back in the whitelist queue? For example I was 4/12, now I am 37/55?

A: It's because other people who have applied for whitelist have donated or written a longer/better application than you or are more active. The whitelist system is not first-come, first-served basis, we handle quality applications and donors first. Even though it will take longer, your application will eventually get reviewed.

I hope this helps.

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  • Emerald

As Samaritan said, Check the whitelist page and it'll show your place in the que, or will say accepted or rejected with reasons.

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  • MVP

As above really :) nice and easy!


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  • MVP

Oh, thank you, I was thinking that would just bring me back to application and stuff. I'm currently 7/188, sorry if it's a dumb question, but does that mean I'm 7th out of 188, as in 6 more and my application will be reviewed?

Thanks again :)

That is indeed what it means yes :)

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