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Loosing It All, But Gaining Sanity

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"I am so sick of this shit... all of the people I have lost, yet one still remains. She is so stubborn and weak! Why must she be so weak?!

.... She is a good leader, though, isn't she? We have blindly fallen into the rut of thinking she is a friend. But she isn't! She cannot be trusted! None of them can! They are all the betrayers! We have seen them all turn on the civilians! She will do it too... won't she?

... no, no, no... She is in danger. Those stupid fish-wielding fuckers are messing with us. Those from Novy, who spoke of being cannibals. Those who found her and threatened her with more visits... they will try their best to take her. We cannot let that happen. Even with Hank, Jade and that lady, we are not strong enough. Not with Ruth. Not with anyone. It is the Maker's fault, isn't it?!

... Why am I thinking that? That is what they want. Those stupid fish-slappers, those cruel skin-eaters... He said they were cannibals, in the streets of Novy. We did hear that...

Who is it? How long do we stay? We can feel them approaching, they are getting closer! Not the ones of the Maker, no... it is the others. We must keep moving. Always moving. The moaning, the gunfire... I always hated it...




I miss my home."

-An excerpt of Yakuub's recent mental breakdown that nearly caused him to turn on his friends.

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