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The Artist of Blood

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“The Artist of Blood”

Kane Knight was born in 1990 in Kentucky, USA. Kane Knight, though he possessed a cold heart, was very passionate about art. Kane's mother was a famous Artist while Kane's father was an author, he was famous for many horror books. Kane was very gifted in the arts, teachers called him a genius. Luckily for Kane, not only was he very good at art but he also enjoyed it.... In fact he may have enjoyed it too much.

Kane was excellent at abstract artwork and portrait artwork, he had painted pictures that won prizes submitted for contests as well had an excellent picture placed on the wall that guests believed was done by proffessionals. They were greatly shocked that Kane, a 12 year old boy at the time had managed to create such works. Around this time however, Kane's art began to change and perhaps not all for the better. He became passionate about reading horror books, after giving his father ideas on what scare children. He began to become more dark, and possessed an even colder affinity. From drawing abstract landscapes he began to draw graveyards, he drew corpses and other grotesque creatures. Kane's parents believed he was going through a stage in his life in which he wanted to express himself, perhaps this was not too far from the truth.

When Kane was in high school, he began to hang around the wrong crowd, which led him to getting involved with drugs and other vices. Kane began to do graffiti around the school, attempting to make the drawings in his sketch book become a reality. One day, on the school mural, the mural was covered by an image which looked to be a woman being ripped apart by a dark shadowy figure, the incident was so bad that reporters came in to investigate. When Kane was asked by reporters why he had drawn on the mural, he told them, “He wanted the world to see his artwork. He wanted the world to see what was truly art.

Kane was suspended for over 6 months and his parents had hired a teacher to home school the boy. Not only was a a home school teacher hired but also a psychiatrist and psychologist in order to manage the boy's mental state. The school worried of his impact on other students, so they deemed he needed to be alone from others. This had the opposite effect. Kane began to feel disconnected from the outside world, his friends stopped contacting him, and his parents became too busy with work to spend time with him. In an attempt to give Kane a friend, his parents had bought a pet fish that Kane named Vincent after the famous Vincent Van Gogh, one of his favourite artists within the renaissance. Kane spoke to Vincent, talked to him about the problems, struggles and his deepest darkest feelings. Kane considered Vincent his closest friend. Regardless, Kane began working on his studies over the 6 month break from being away from school, his home schooling teacher , Sarah said that his marks were exceptional and his therapists said he was on the road to recovery. Kane's parents began to feel at ease, believing their child had left the horrible state he was in. At least until the 5 month..

Kane's father had come home from doing research on his next chapter when he entered the living room and was horrified with what he saw. It was the home school teacher, decapitated, blood dripping and all. Her body had been dismembered and cut with what seems to be a knife or sharp object. Kane's father called for his son, in which Kane called to him from the basement saying he was just doing some last minute work. Kane's father rushed down to see a horrific image burnt into his memory, his son cutting the head of the teacher in two like a pumpkin.

Kane ran to his father to ask his thoughts on his artwork. Kane's father shut the basement door and ran upstairs to clean the mess. When the police came in, they figured that a robber came in, saw the teacher and began to cut her up. Kane also effectively lied past the lie detector tests, and did not seem to have any readings.

Kane's father knew the truth however, he understood that his child had something that no ordinary psychologist or mental researcher could heal. Looking on the computer one day, he heard proclaimed experimental research that said to cure mental illnesses, Kane's father believed that something like this was necessary in order to help his son. The experimental research was conducted in an institution called the Khasavyurt. Kane's father had signed his son up for the institution at the age of 18 while he convinced his wife that his son was doing studies abroad. Kane's father believed that the institution would be able to fix his son. Unfortunately he did not know the Khasavyurt cut connection from the rest of the world, what happened in the Khasavyurt stayed there.

For 7 years, Kane was “treated” for his condition for various types of therapy methods. He obeyed as long as he was given a fish, which he continued to name Vincent and art supplies in order to continue painting works of art. While waiting for supplies, Kane began to learn how to humm and started writing poetry, as well as philosophize of the world around him. While at the institution he hated his father for having sent him away and never contacting him again, he believed his father had abandoned him in a foreign land and lied about education. Once the treatment began, the grudge he held against his father only strengthened.

When the outbreak took place, Kane was freed by a man named Benjamin Williams which he soon came to call the Father. Benjamin taught him and his other inmates about the Maker and their beliefs.

Benjamin realized he didn't need his old father or his family, he had a new father and a new family. One that appreciated his art work. Kane now a follower of the Maker continues to create art and dreams of creating the greatest artwork humanity has ever beheld. He began to tell others who were not family to call him the Artist. The Artist of Blood.

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