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Server time (UTC): 2022-01-25 07:39

Whitelist continued


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  • Emerald

Apparently sometime Monday from what Iv'e been told.

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  • MVP

As Diggy said the whitelist should re-open on Monday (server time). It has been temporarily closed to non-donators due to the huge amount of recent applications. The admins work hard to try to review as many as possible but you might want to explain to your friend that there could be a bit of a wait.

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  • Emerald

From what I have heard as well, they will close the applications each weekend.

And in all fairness, I think it's a wise decision. Hearing that they have to deal with 300 applications a day, they deserve a break as well. They should enjoy the community first hand as well, meaning: being able to play instead of holding their heads over countless applications.

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yea he understands it may take some time. i know the admins have a full plate each day with how many people want to experience what they have created. I was just wondering when they would be open so i can give him a time where he can atleast get a app in.

Thanks for the replies.

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non donors....

how much would the donate be to play in the servers?

£10 a month id pay that nps..#

ive heard so much about dayzrp an seen a few vids would really like to join ;p

contact us isn't working

not sure if this is the right place to ask

thanks for your time

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  • Emerald

/moving to questions

The whitelist will be open on Monday due to the influx of whitelists.


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