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Pub server Role play, sort of. Some how. (Video will be provided later.. maybe)


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  • Sapphire

So, I jump on any random server, look for stuff, blah, blah. Start yelling out for people to see if someone tries to kill me. But then I hear this voice, calling out to me, asking for help. I couldn't see the guy, but he was there, he wasn't hacking, but he was stuck under the rubble. This was in Cherno next to the building with a big part of it missing.

Anyways this boy was asking for help and I had a pick axe so I started hitting the rubble, some guy saw me and I asked him to help. (As you know, most people on the public servers try to kill you.) He walked away. Then another guy came out of no where, asked what I was doing, I told him there was a boy stuck under the rubble, he started to help me. The other guy came back, he had a machete and then started to attack me. I retaliated and he got me and then he ran away. I went back and started barking orders at the guy with the green hoodie, I told him to bandage me, he said sure. He said here are some bandaids, I said bandage me. Then the ghost boy was coming out of the rubble, he said kill me. The green hoodie, pulled a gun out, and shot this ghost boy. I said,"Holy shit! you have a gun!" He told me not to worry he is not going to shoot me.

Me and green hoodie went to go look for the guy that attacked me, then there was another guy that appeared and we asked him not shoot we are friendly. He shot me. I went unconscious. Then the green hoodie, bandaged me, I came back. We then went to go look for two guys that attacked me now. We went south of the clock tower and then we heard voices near the super market. When we got there was a women on the ground with her legs broken, yelling for help. We asked if she was okay, she said that there were two men that attacked her. We went looking for them and we found them. One of them was the guy that attacked me (The second guy that attacked me). We then began to try and kill these men. We managed to kill one the other guy was lagging like a mad man on mushrooms, floating around and shit! Then someone random guy killed my buddy, killed the floating guy and then said,"Fuck your face bitches, you like that, hey you come here and eat my pussy." I said I don't want your pussy. He floated away like the other guy that was floating around (possible hacker. He went through a building).

I started digging through the dead bodies and helped myself to these guy's stuff, then a guy dressed in black came up to me and asked what happened, I told him. He then said well lets go and find the guy that shot your friend. We made our back to the centre of cherno, you can hear all kinds of voices, then a guy in a dress came running up to us. I started to call him a pervert and stuff. He wasn't hurting anybody, so we just let him be. Me and soldier boy closed in on them. The pervert stayed next to me and then soldier boy shot one of those people dead. I don't know why he shot them, but he yelled to me "Run!". I got up and ran for my life. When we started running back I saw the pervert chasing someone, I called soldier boy, we started looking for them. We saw them running back to where green hoodie guy died. When we got there the pervert the guy he was chasing were there. Then another guy appeared (This was the green hoodie guy that died. I went a little off character by asking if he was the green hoodie guy from before.) he saw us chasing the pervert and this other guy. When all came to a halt. I asked the guy we were chasing who he was, he told me, he was the pedophile, we shot him dead. End of that guys story.

Me, soldier boy, new kid, the pervert and his friend were all chilling when suddenly soldier boy decided to kill the new kid and his buddy. I asked him why, he said those guys were shooting at me (I did hear shots, but I don't know if he was trying to kill me). Me, soldier boy, and the pervert were stand around the dead bodies, I said to them let's go look for these hacker things. I gave the pervert a gun and then he started to fuck with me and the soldier boy, he had to put him down. He was mentally ill.

I played as an oldman. Everyone called me "Grandpa". I will stop here. I am going to start editing the video. Have it uploaded some time next week or the week after. I don't know. I hope I did an okay job describing this story. I also hope there aren't to many mistakes. Thanks for reading.

Update:The video is all edited. Going to start the upload tomorrow. The video is roughly 40mins long. I don't know how long it will take to upload, but it is going to be totally worth it. Role playing is so fun, the fact that I found a bunch of murders on a random server and they all start role playing with me! Love it!

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This really isn't a RP story so I count it as a discussion to talk about your experience.


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